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2 Ways to Utilize Your Career Center to Engage More Members of Small Associations

Getting members more engaged (and keeping them engaged) can be challenging for any association. So how can your provide members with greater value and get them more involved – especially if you have a small staff? A career center can help.

Job opportunities and career advancement are among the top benefits members value most. So, it makes sense that offering your members a career center to connect them with their next great job opportunity is a must-have when it comes to delivering member value.

Once you have a career center in place, there are multiple ways to put it to work to get members more involved with your association. Here are two examples of highly effective ways to use your career center to increase member engagement:

1. Cross-promote your career center through other member activities and resources.

Simply having a career center in place is a great way to attract and engage members. But to increase member engagement, your members need to know about it.

What better way to get members more involved than to promote the valuable resources your career center offers? And, what better way to do that than to reach members where they are?

For example, promote your career center resources through:

  • Your association’s website – Place a banner ad on your association’s website to promote your career center.
  • Your online member community – Use your online member community to post announcements about new or commonly overlooked resources available in your career center.

TIP: YourMembership AMS by Community Brands provides all-in-one association management software (AMS) for small associations. It includes online community functionality that’s built in to help you increase social and community collaboration.

  • Virtual, in-person, and hybrid events – Promote career center resources to your event attendees by hosting a networking event “sponsored” by your career center. Or, include a career center booth (virtual or in-person) at your events. Or, even offer a career-building session that highlights a sampling of the tips and resources available in your career center.

2. Put member data to work.

At the heart of increasing member engagement is your ability to track, analyze, and act on member data. Once you have a job board in place, you can connect it with your AMS and begin to capture and store career center activity within each member’s record in the AMS.

You can then use the additional data and insights about their interests to drive more informed member engagement efforts. For example, you might pull a list of members who have been actively searching for a job and send them an email highlighting the resources in your career center that can help them land a job – such as resume reviews, job seeker articles, and access to career coaches.

Engaging members is a challenge every association faces. A career center gives you one more powerful place to engage members and help ensure they understand the benefits of membership with your association.

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