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Key Job Board Insights That Every Association Leader Needs

Do you ever feel like there is an abundance of data available and limited time to analyze it all? If so, you are not alone. The ability to quickly view and assess key performance metrics on your job board can make your initiatives more attainable. Choose software that provides insight into your association job board audience at your fingertips.
Here are a few ways user data can serve your association’s bottom line and value proposition to new members.

Job Seekers

Do you know the average experience level of job seekers registered on your job board? Or the jobs and companies at which they are most interested in working?

Experience level data affords a perspective on users that associations can leverage to convert registered job seekers into greater member engagement and new member leads. Associations with a greater percentage of young professionals can add internship opportunities or an internship board as a member benefit. Those with a higher rate of expert professionals will profit by adding a career fair element to their annual conference. And introducing a mentorship board could benefit associations with the right amount of both new and experienced users.

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On the other hand, do you know which organizations are using your association as a resource for top industry talent? Knowledge about which organizations see a value in connecting with your members can be used to advertise sponsorship roles and media ads to prominent employers.

Utilize the cyclical ebb and flow of your industry’s recruitment calendar and adapt pricing or advertisement opportunities to align with trends as a savvy way to influence profits. Employers benefit from increased brand awareness with your members, and your association gains a pipeline for potential patrons.

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Easily create targeted strategies to grow membership and revenue using your job board’s Insights data. Monitor year over year progress and easily export reports and graphics for leadership. Highlight the results of targeted marketing efforts, or the difference in the average spend per employer month over month. Regardless of your level of involvement, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of your job board’s performance and understand the value of registered job board users to your association.

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