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How YM Careers Helps Associations Support the Member Journey

Your members look to your association for job opportunities and career advancement. The right career center solution can help you support your members through each stage of their careers.

Job opportunities and career advancement are among the top reasons members join associations. They’re also among the top benefits members value throughout the member lifetime.

According to the Community Brands Member Engagement and Loyalty Study, job opportunities are tied for the number one reason people join a professional membership organization. Seventy-three percent of members say help with career advancement is an important member benefit.

That’s why offering a robust online career center is critically important for keeping members around long term. It helps you deliver a great experience throughout the entire member journey by supporting members through all stages of their careers.

How to support the member journey with YM Careers

Your members’ needs change as they move through their careers. What they need as a student or recent grad is different from what they need as they become more entrenched in their careers and move toward retirement.

Likewise, they get value from your association in different ways along their career journey. Supporting their needs throughout their career lifetime requires more than just a basic job board.

From intern, job, and mentor board software to virtual and onsite career fair solutions, YM Careers by Community Brands gives you the tools you need to support your members throughout the member journey. Here are some of the ways YM Careers increases member value in each career stage:

  • Student and new grads – These members can easily search and apply for relevant internships online. Your YM Careers InternBoard can be fully integrated with your online career center, or you can create a stand-alone intern board. Either way, internship seekers can easily create their own accounts and profiles, and add resumes and cover letters. They can search internship postings and apply directly within the job board or externally by following employers’ instructions. They can even set up alerts to be notified when a new well-matched position is posted.
  • New grads and early careerists – As members move into their careers, they can connect with a mentor to help them grow professionally. Your YM Careers MentorBoard gives them the ability to set up their own accounts and profiles with all information needed to qualify them as a “mentee”. They can then search user profiles and initiate contact with a potential mentor. Both mentor and mentee email addresses are kept confidential until a contact request has been accepted.
  • Mid-careerists – When members reach this stage in their careers, they’re likely on the lookout for their next great job. Your YM Careers job board allows them to easily search and apply for job opportunities. They can receive alerts when new relevant job opportunities are posted. They can also access professional resources, including career advice articles and résumé critiques to help them land the job. These members can also attend virtual and onsite career fairs, produced and powered by YM Careers, to network with potential employers.

TECH TIP: Using YM Careers with Crowd Wisdom by Community Brands, you can provide even greater member value by recommending learning courses that can help members become qualified for specific job opportunities.

  • Late-careerists and retirees – With years of experience behind them, these members can begin sharing their knowledge and hiring new staff. Your YM Careers MentorBoard can match them with a member who’s just starting out in the industry. Your YM Careers online career center can help them easily post job opportunities and distribute them to the right audience based on skills, certifications, geography, and more. They can also take advantage of additional options, such as job emails and promotions on your associations’ social media feeds, that maximize exposure of their job postings and improve their return on investment. Plus, they have the functionality to attract, screen, and manage applicants. These attendees also can attend virtual and onsite career fairs to network with potential employees.

Taking your career center to the next level

With the right career center technology solutions, you can deliver these types of experiences throughout the member journey. Learn more about how to create a great member experience that keeps members around for years to come: Explore YM Careers by Community Brands

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