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Top Ways to Grow Your Association’s Career Center

Your career center connects your members with their next new hire or career opportunity. It can also grow revenue for your organization through paid job ads, sponsorships, and other fee-based products.  

Since it’s such a great source of member engagement and revenue growth for your association, doesn’t it make sense to grow it as much as possible? 

Here are some effective ways to grow your association’s online career center through printed materials, email marketing, your website, and social media channels:

  1. Create an “offline” job posting. Allow employers to purchase a recruitment classified ad in your print publication, directly through the career center. Sell this option by itself on your products and pricing page or as an upsell to every employer who purchases an online posting.
  2. Offer an online/offline combination posting. This option puts the job on the career center and in your print publication. Classified ad pricing can be based on character, word, or line volume. This is a great approach for increasing your sales price and creating a more valuable product.
  3. Build an infographic. Readers love visual content, and infographics are a great way to quickly convey your career center’s unique value proposition and drive more traffic to your job board.
  4. Get the word out. Upon launch of your career center, send an email from your executive director/president to your organization’s contact list highlighting the benefits of the career center for employers and job seekers.
  5. Send monthly marketing emails. Distribute an email to your registered employers and job seekers each month that includes career development tips and best practices. 
  6. Introduce a job alert to your members. Employers are often willing to pay extra for this distribution of their job to additional potential candidates.
  7. Set up automated email campaigns. For job seekers, members, and employers, this is an efficient way to nurture contacts and market the career center. Use engaging pieces of content such as videos, infographics, and digital flipbooks.
  8. Offer coupons and special promotions. This is an effective way to encourage employers to post more job postings, particularly during slower posting periods.
  9. Promote your career center. Focus on the career center as a member and user benefit in all emails that you distribute. 
  10. Include articles in your newsletter. If possible, feature a job seeker who found a great opportunity on your career center.
  11. Add a job feed or widget to your newsletter. It’s likely to become one of the most viewed/clicked-upon sections of your newsletter.
  12. Place a job feed or widget on your home page. This will pull in more traffic to the career center than a link alone. It will also give employers access to passive job seekers.
  13. Set up your Twitter feed to include some of your jobs. Twitter is one of the top search engines on the web, so use it by setting up a feed that automates the distribution of some of your jobs into onto your Twitter stream.
  14. Include job widgets that cater to different professionals. By adding job widgets onto inner pages of your website, you can ensure that the jobs in the widgets are relevant to the content of these pages targeted to different types of professionals.

Using YM Careers as your job board software and career center solution provider, you can implement these proven techniques (and more!) to generate revenue and provide valuable member benefits.  

Learn more

The YM Careers team is ready to help you develop and implement a strategy that includes these approaches. Contact us today to get started. 

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