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How to Drive More Revenue for Your Veterinary Association


When you need to grow your veterinary industry association’s non-dues revenue, you can’t always just raise the cost of membership dues. That approach might turn off new and current members, resulting in a drop in member recruitment and retention.  

So, what can you do to drive more non-dues revenue while still delivering member value? Build a great online career center.  

“YM Careers helps us make our career center a better offering for our members while driving more non-dues revenue from it – all without extra work on our part.” – Lauren San Martin, Marketing & Membership Director, Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society (VECCS)

The benefits of an online career center in a job seeker’s market

Demand (and revenue) for veterinary services have grown in recent years, leading to more demand for veterinary workers. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for the veterinary industry are expected to be very good, with employment of veterinarians projected to grow 16 percent by 2029. A career center focused on your industry is extremely targeted, giving your career center a competitive advantage over general job board sites. 

Employers will pay to post job opportunities to a niche career center for access to your highly sought-after veterinary industry members. Bringing in dollars from your career center can help you retain and diversify revenue so you can continue to provide other valuable member benefits without necessarily increasing membership dues fees. Through your career center, your association can become the go-to destination for career development for your members at various stages in their careers – from students and new grads to professionals looking to take the next step in their careers.  

“We’ve had a lot of partners, but I’ve never had an experience like I’ve had with YM Careers.” – Lauren San Martin, Marketing & Membership Director, Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society (VECCS)

Connecting employers with passive job seekers

In a job seeker’s market, there aren’t many workers actively seeking jobs. But, there are people who would be open to job opportunities that might come their way. So, another effective way to drive non-dues revenue and provide value to your members and employers in your industry is by putting jobs in front of passive job seekers.  

YM Careers offers Job Flash™ emails in which employers pay to feature their job postings from your career center in emails to your members and other users of your career center. These emails are sent to member databases, delivering your open positions to the inbox of the talent you need. The Job Flash email is especially helpful in a job seeker’s market because it reaches even those members who aren’t actively seeking a job. This makes it an effective channel for millions of dollars in additional revenue generation for our customers from employers who are willing to pay for this added exposure to their job openings.  

Job Flash emails yield an average increase in career center traffic of more than 763 percent with each send when sent to your entire database of career center users. Open rates for Job Flash emails are consistently more than 35 percent with very low opts outs, so it’s clear that users find this content extremely valuable. 

The benefits of Job Flash emails are significant: 

  • Employers receive a spike in job views as their jobs are exposed to your uniquely qualified audience of both passive and active job seekers. This delivers more value to employers who are then likely to spend more with your career center.
  • Your career center sees an increase in traffic as members and employers are reminded that your organization is a valuable resource in their job sourcing and candidate sourcing efforts.
  • Your members receive valuable job content directly to their inboxes, allowing them to find new job opportunities, even when they aren’t actively looking. 

And the best part: YM Careers does all the work to create and distribute this email campaign for YM Careers-powered career centers. 

“YM Careers laid it out and gave us no way to lose.” – Lauren San Martin, Marketing & Membership Director, Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society (VECCS)

VECCS’ Career Center Success

VECCS wanted to upgrade their job board to provide a better member online career center while generating more revenue. As the veterinary industry faces skyrocketing demand and a shortage in veterinarians, VECCS members needed a reliable career resource. With a small staff, VECCS also needed a partner who could manage everything related to sales and marketing so they implemented the job board software and career services from YM Careers to accomplish all of their goals.

With the YM Careers customer marketing and sales teams, VECCS now provides members with Job Flash email alerts, recruitment guides, and more to help members grow their careers. VECCS utilizes Association Placement Service by YM Careers to provide members with personal recruiters who find them their dream jobs. And, through Career Benchmark Dashboards, exclusively offered by YM Careers, VECCS gives members and employers unprecedented career and industry insights to make informed career decisions and become employers of choice.

In addition to increasing member value and engagement, VECCS has seen a 300 percent increase in revenue. This revenue boost for the small staff association has given VECCS a crucial replenishment of resources all while providing their members a true career destination, especially in a time of need. VECCS continues to embrace YM Careers’ ideas for improving member value and driving revenue. Now, the small staff counts on the outstanding YM Careers customer success team to handle all of the details.

YM Careers can boost your non-dues revenue and make your association the go-to career solution in the veterinary industry.

Discover how: Read the VECCS case study.

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