What You Need to Become the Ultimate Career Destination for Your Members

In a recent article, I suggested it might be time to give your online career center more attention. It was inspired by findings from a new association industry study by Community Brands.

The study shows that career advancement benefits are important and/or increasing in importance to members of professional membership associations. The same study suggests that those who work at associations do not always think career advancement benefits are as important to members as members themselves do.

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There are multiple ways you can take your online career center beyond job postings to offer your members a wealth of career advancement opportunities. These include resume reviews, job seeker articles, networking, and virtual career fairs.

Taking Your Career Center Even Further

Of course, these are all important aspects of a robust career center. But what if you could take your career center even further? What if you could also offer your members online tools to truly plan out their careers? What if these tools allowed your members to:

  • Learn details about various careers specific to your association’s industry, including career descriptions, activities performed by someone in this role, education and experience requirements, and employment stats such as wages and forecasts
  • Map out their career path based on their career goals – with a well-defined path to get there
  • View available jobs based on where they are in their career path
  • Access resources to help them land their target job

Becoming the Ultimate Career Development Destination for Your Members

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