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How to Provide Next-level Career Help for Your Members

Members place high value on job opportunities and help with career growth. In fact, in the 2023 Association Trends Study by Community Brands, members list job opportunities and help with career advancement as top important benefits. The importance of help with career advancement increased by five percent from the 2022 Association Trends Study.

2023 member benefits

That’s why providing job opportunities and career development resources through a robust online career center is critically important for your association. But you can do even more to give members the career help they want by offering résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn and interview services.

Candidate Premium Services by YM Careers

Candidate Premium Services banner

YM Careers now offers Candidate Premium Services to enhance your online career center. These services are tailored to your members’ individual career needs to help them showcase their experience and skills in the best possible light.

By offering these services through YM Careers, your association can provide members with specific, thorough, personalized, and one-to-one help from career experts at TopResume and TopInterview:

  • Personalized résumé writing – Help your members stand out from the competition and increase their chances of getting noticed with curated résumés targeted to specific roles.
  • Cover letter writing – Increase members’ interview opportunities with professionally formatted cover letters.
  • LinkedIn profile makeover – Improve your members’ LinkedIn profiles to complement their résumés and make a lasting impression on employers.
  • Interview practice with real-time feedback – Offer your members access to an interview expert, enhancing their interviewing skills and boosting their confidence to impress their dream job employer.

Benefits of offering next-level career help for your members

Your members will gain big benefits when you add advanced career services to your association’s online career center. They’ll have access to:

  • A single, trusted source for quality jobs opportunities, career resources, and career assistance.
  • High quality career resources and support to meet their job search and career needs of members through every stage of their careers.
  • Personalized feedback for résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and job interview techniques.

And your members aren’t the only ones who see value when you offer advanced career services. Your association also benefits through the ability to attract, engage, and retain more members by:

  • Enhancing member value with services that drive career growth and development.
  • Helping members achieve their career goals by providing the resources they have been requesting.
  • Continuing to be the go-to resource for career advancement in your industry.

Discover more about how Candidate Premium Services can help your association take your online career center to the next level for member acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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