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Best Practices for Planning a Successful Virtual Career Fair

The job market is gradually recovering, and virtual events continue to be part of everyday life. Virtual Career Fairs are becoming a popular choice to connect job seekers with employers looking to make new hires. But not all events are created equal. To ensure your event is successful make sure to follow these best practices when planning your Virtual Career Fair.

Ensure Your Process is Simple

In order to obtain the most registrations from jobseekers, make your process short and simple. Jobseekers, particularly passive ones, won’t spend much time filling out forms. Make sure the navigation to registration is easy to find. This gives you a higher chance that jobseekers stick around and submit their resume.

Facilitate Multiple Interaction Options

The purpose of a Virtual Career Fair is to allow jobseekers and employers to make connections. Offer multiple access options, such as video, audio, and text-based chatting. Consider offering a networking lounge where jobseekers can grow their network in the industry and interact with each other.

Help Your Audience Prepare with Webinars

Most platforms will offer short videos and articles that walk through how the event works. Take your customer service and dedication a step further and offer employer facing and job seeker facing webinars to help your audiences prepare. This allows them to ask questions directly to an expert and for you to receive real time feedback about the event.

Use a Multichannel Marketing Approach

Promotional efforts are a large contributor to your events success. Make sure you are using multiple channels to inform jobseekers of your event and the benefits it gives them. Social media, dedicated emails, web banners, blogs, and press releases are all solid avenues to pursue. We recommend publishing an initial teaser or save the date and ramping up jobseeker promotions 4-6 weeks out from the event.

Optimize Branding and Advertisement in the Live Event

The lobby of your virtual event is a centralized location where both job seekers and recruiters will be logging in to attend the event. Take advantage of this high traffic area by promoting other services and tools you offer. Highlight your career center, showcase the benefits of your membership, or encourage sign ups for future events or webinars.

Have a Post Event Follow Up Strategy

This may seem like a simple practice, but it is one that is often overlooked. Sending post event surveys and thank you emails can leave a positive impact on your audience, while also giving you valuable insight into the event from multiple perspectives. Also consider leaving the event page up for a few weeks after the event closes. This extends the live and value of the event.

While setting up a Virtual Career Fair might be a new experience for you, it is one that has hugely benefited many associations. Check out our customer success story for the Society of Women Engineers. With large employer participating driving revenue, satisfied candidates, and continued growth year over year it is no doubt that SWE has captured one of the most successful ROI’s for their Virtual Career Fairs.

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