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3 Things That Set YM Careers Apart from the Competition

Current YM Careers customers have taken the time to provide feedback on what they valued most in their partnership with YM Careers. Many association leaders feel the top differentiators for the YM Careers product are the user interface/experience (UI/UX), the support team, and the sales and marketing engine. Let’s dig into what they are saying about each one!


Features and Functionality

User Interface/Experience

The UI is easy to navigate for members, staff, employers, and job seekers.

  • “It includes features not currently available on other job board solutions such as pane view search page, additional job exposure options, and professional resources.”
  • “Easy to understand site analytics is an excellent feature.”
  • “Modern, updated webpage design.”
  • “Continue to upgrade their software leading to more options for association staff and members.”
  • “Truly turnkey experience and member benefit.”

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Stellar Support

Customer Success

  • “The customer success team provided prompt, helpful, and professional responses to questions and concerns.”
  • “The smart, hardworking members of the customer success team are dedicated to achieving job board goals.”
  • “They understand the association market and develop unbeatable sales and marketing strategies.”
  • “Customer service has been fabulous! The staff listens and evolves to partner feedback.”
  • “Great training! The staff takes time to make sure all admins are given the opportunity to learn the software capabilities for a thriving career center.”

Gaining board approval for an online job board solution.

Non-Dues Revenue Driving Engine

Job Board Sales and Marketing

  • “Their marketing tools are excellent – so useful and continuously updated.”
  • “The sales team clearly understands the job seeking market, doing research, and improving their tactics year-after-year.”
  • “I love using marketing to bring members to the job board.”
  • “The sales team is knowledgeable and extremely helpful in meeting and exceeding revenue goals.”

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