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What Drives Association Job Board Traffic?

An important step to a successful career center is ensuring every possible member is exposed to your career center and the jobs posted. You want to be an indispensable recruitment or job-seeking resource, while also growing career center engagement and non-dues revenue. Here are some ways to increase job exposure and provide dynamic content for your members.


  • Place a job widget on the home page of your website. Adding a widget has proven to increase traffic to the career center drastically, with as much as 300% more traffic to the career center than a link alone. It also gives employers access to passive job seekers, increasing job exposure, and ROI.
  • Include jobs in your E-newsletters and watch it become one of the most viewed/clicked sections of your newsletter. This additional exposure option can be added as an upgrade on your career center to drive additional non-dues revenue.
  • Include contextual job widgets on your website’s inner pages that cater to different types of professionals and specialties. Ensure that the jobs in these widgets are relevant to the subject matter of these pages.
  • Share a tailored job feed with affiliate organizations that do not have their own career center to provide them with relevant content and drive users back to your career center.
  • Twitter is one of the top search engines on the web! Put an RSS feed that automates the distribution of your jobs into your Twitter streams.

This graph showing the increase in job views just after 3 months of putting a job widget on an association website home page:

With the addition of widgets, you’re not only going to generate an increase in traffic on your association job board, but you’ll also get the attention of passive job seekers and members who might not have known you have a job board, and it will create more brand awareness for your career center.

Looking for more ideas?

Check out our list of 101 proven ideas to grow your Career Center engagement and non-dues revenue as well as help you create an indispensable recruitment and job-seeking resource.

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