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5 Tips for the Best Interactive Digital Marketing

Marketing in today’s world isn’t easy. People get advertising and marketing messages from every direction. As an association marketer, you’re up against a huge amount of competition for your members’ and prospective members’ attention. 

The foundation for effective marketing in today’s world is content. Your association likely already produces papers, studies, surveys, guides, and other information-rich material – all valuable member benefits. But for marketing purposes, it’s important to remember that we all have short attention spans. News and information is coming at us fast. So, the key to reaching your audience is to create attention-grabbing content.

So, how can you break through the noise to reach your audience? The foundation for effective marketing in today’s world is content, and the key to reaching your audience is to create attention-grabbing, interactive content. 

Let’s review five tips your association can use to create the best interactive digital marketing. 

Digital content is a great way to get your audience to take notice: 

1.) Specifically, try digital flipbooks. These are user-friendly, interactive, and can be integrated with Google Analytics so you can measure performance and improve content. You can also add a diverse range of multimedia files into a flipbook, which can bring the flipbook to life.  

Pro tip: There are multiple platforms on the market today that can help you build a flipbook, including Flip PDFFlippingBook, FlipHTML5, Flipcreator, Flipsnack, and Yumpu. 

Discover even more powerful marketing approaches that will take your association to the next level.

2.) Generate relevant content. A quiz, poll, or survey should be relevant to your industry. So, before you create content, put yourself in your target audience’s position and think about topics that will relate to their interests. 

3.) Keep it brief. Quizzes, polls, and surveys must be short or people will lose interest. An average online user has an attention span of just seconds, so be sure to make it short yet interesting. 

4.) Make it accessible. Your interactive content must be structured in a way that people can easily access it. For example, make sure that options, such as “take your quiz,” are prominent enough to compel an individual to take the quiz. 

5.) Put it into pictures. As with infographics and video, adding pictures will spike the interest of your audience and lengthen attention spans. Include eye-catching images that correspond with the questions in your quiz, poll, or survey. 

Promoting content to your members and prospects needs to become about getting your audiences’ attention quickly. Give your audience information in bite-sized, engaging, and interactive pieces that they can consume quickly and conveniently. 

The dedicated marketing team at YM Careers certainly understands the importance of creating interactive digital content. They use the latest marketing tactics and trends to attract and engage association audiences.  

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