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The Secret to Driving Your Association’s Non-Dues Revenue

Membership dues generate about 39% of total revenue for associations, leaving 61% of non-dues revenue to account for in your bottom line. While this might seem intimidating, there is a secret weapon within your association’s reach. 

The secret to driving non-dues revenue? A successful career center. 

Career centers help associations retain and diversify revenue while providing valuable member benefits. Not only can your association become the go-to destination for job seekers and career development; employers will pay to post jobs to your career center to access your highly sought-after members. A truly successful career center will give you a competitive advantage over (and win revenue from) other resources like Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Google, and LinkedIn.  

What makes a career center drive non-dues revenue? 

complete career center includes niche job board software, career planning and development tools, a dedicated career events planning team, and innovative technology. This fleet of resources not only maximizes non-dues revenue for your association; it drives engagement, traffic, brand awareness, and attracts new members.  

  • Niche job board software – Employers will pay a premium to get their jobs in front of your members. Additionally, you can increase your association’s ROI by getting jobs in front of passive job seekers. 
  • Career planning and development tools – When you become a career growth destination, you’ll increase your association’s traffic and membership. This makes your career center more valuable to employers who advertise on it, driving more revenue. 
  • Dedicated career events planning team – Let a team of experts fully manage your career events so your association can generate revenue from event sponsors while providing members a free, valuable service.  
  • Innovative technology – Take advantage of the revenue driving enhancements that top-of-the-line technology offers, allowing for additional sponsorship opportunities. These enhancements include email advertising, social media distribution, programmatic advertising, digital newsletter distribution, and much more 

A successful career center starts with a company that provides the software, resources, and support to create a turnkey operation – saving you time and money. Additionally, your career center provider should drive strategic and effective marketing strategies that maximize both job seeker and employer traffic. 

YM Careers offers everything above and more. The secret to driving non-dues revenue is a top-notch career center, but the secret to building a top-notch career center is partnering with YM Careers. Get in touch today to learn more about how YM Careers can increase traffic, drive member engagement and acquisition, and generate revenue for your association.   

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