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Retaining and Diversifying Revenue in Today’s New Normal

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The shift from in-person to online events may be lasting longer than expected, and professionals that have counted on revenue from in-person events in the past are bearing the brunt of the burden. Organizations need to create sustainable year-round programs that drive revenue, create value, and better connect all their audiences digitally.

During this exploratory strategy session, you’ll learn:

  • How to pivot to incorporate new and established offerings
  • How to create an effective revenue-driving sponsorship program
  • Foundations of a virtual event strategy
  • A simple equation for pricing and promoting your continuing education offerings and events

If your organization is facing challenges in retaining revenue this year and you need to think “outside the box” to diversify your revenue streams, join us on-demand for a strategy session. You’ll learn which fail-safe steps your organization should consider, which options are available to provide value for members and sponsors, and how to engage your audience through virtual meeting alternatives.

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