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Realizing the Potential of Your Association’s Job Board: A True Story

Your association’s online career center can be a great resource for your members.

But if your job board software isn’t up to the task, and you don’t have time to market your job board and all it has to offer, your online career center will never reach its full potential. 

That’s what the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) discovered.  

“Rather than investing the time and gaining experience that YM Careers already has, you can focus on your core mission and know YM Careers has your back. It’s a solution where you can go to the expert rather than try to become the expert.” – Greg Martin, Associate Publisher, ASHRAE Media Advertising 

ASHRAE’s challenges

The organization was struggling with their job board software provider, which didn’t understand ASHRAE, what their members did, and how their industry works. At the same time, ASHRAE realized they didn’t have the time or expertise to run their job board on their own. The result: The organization’s job board wasn’t gaining the traction it needed with members or employers.

The YM Careers solution

The organization turned to YM Careers for a better solution, which includes leading job board software for the association industry, marketing services, and sales support. Since working with YM Careers, ASHRAE has experienced:

  • Less strain on staff to maintain their job board. A custom designed job board and member experience promoted the association’s unique value propositions – at little to no extra effort required on the part of ASHRAE staff. 
  • More quality and targeted positions advertised on the job board. YM Careers’ SEO and job distribution tools created job optimization for search engines and the ability to reach candidates through social media integrations, email, newsletters, feeds, job syndication to job aggregators, an unmatched job board network, and sophisticated programmatic advertising. Finding every employer with open positions that were a good fit for the organization’s members, YM Careers drove them to use ASHRAE’s job board to access talent. Additionally, they marketed great jobs to industry profession, driving them to use the association’s career center as the go-to source for career growth. 
  • Increased revenue. ASHRAE saw an increased ROI by using the latest marketing tactics and trends to attract and engage their audiences. Associations see an average increase of 35% of additional revenue by taking advantage of YM Careers’ job posting sales team. 

“It is a turnkey operation and YM Careers understands ASHRAE and what our customers are looking for and this fulfills that need. It is a real sign of professionalism and efficiency that YM Careers bring to the table that makes this such a great partnership.” – Greg Martin, ASHRAE 

Learn more

Your career center can’t reach its full potential without the right job board software and the time and expertise to optimize it.  Find out more about how ASHRAE improved their job board and increased revenue with YM Careers: Read the ASHRAE case study. 

Discover why YM Careers is the industry leader for niche job boards and how they can drive more traffic to, and revenue from, your career center.

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