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How to Use Your Job Board as a Marketing Tool

When you think about marketing ideas for your association, you might not think about your job board and online career center. But maybe you should. 

I recently read the article, 5 Tried and True Association Marketing Ideas by Jim Wilson on the Campaign Now blog. And something struck me: An association’s job board and online career center can be powerful marketing tools. 

Here are a few marketing ideas pulled from the article and how you can use your association’s job board to implement them:

1. Member-get-a-member campaign

Word-of-mouth marketing can be a highly effective marketing channel. The article references a study in which 49% of associations ranked word-of-mouth marketing as their top recruitment channel.

You can use your job board to support member-get-a-member campaigns by asking members who have recently landed a job through your job board to give you a testimonial about their experience. Then, use the testimonials in emails, direct mail, social media, and other communications that you use in your recruitment campaigns.

2. Inbound content marketing

The article points out the value of content to attract potential new members. Your online career center can help in this area.

Your online career center is more than just a place to post job openings. It can also offer a wealth of career resources, including job search and interview tips articles, career and industry statistics, and more.

Promote your career-building resources to drive traffic to your website and career center. Then, once you capture email addresses, you can use that list of prospective members for targeted recruitment campaigns.

3. Event/meeting marketing

As the article states, your big meetings and events can be used to attract new members. They offer a great opportunity to demonstrate member value.

You can use your career center to help promote these events and meetings. For example, you can host a career networking event, “sponsored” by your association’s career center, at your next annual conference. This event will be a big draw for job seekers and hiring managers, attracting potential new members who might not otherwise attend your conference.

4. Direct mail campaigns

The article points out that targeted direct mail with compelling messaging and offers can generate real results. Consider that your job board and career center offer a valuable member benefit – they help your members throughout their entire career journey. So, why not use them as an attention-grabbing offer in your next direct mail recruitment campaign to capture readers’ interest? 

5. Bonus: new member welcome kits

The article calls new member welcome kits a “bonus” idea because they come after you’ve brought a new member on board. But, keep in mind that when you start demonstrating member value on day one, your members will be more likely to stick around when their membership renewal rolls around.

Include information about your job board and online career center in your new member welcome kit. Make sure new members know all of the career-building resources available to them and how they can access them. It’s a surefire way to delight them right off the bat.  


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Your association’s job board and online career center can be powerful tools for marketing your association. Using YM Careers job board software and career center solutions, you can offer the career advancement benefits your members and prospective members seek.

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