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Help Members Build Careers with Virtual Career Fairs

A trend seen across multiple Community Brands studies shows that connecting members with job opportunities is critically important for recruiting and retaining members – especially those early in their careers. Members also place increasing value on connecting virtually and continuing to learn new skills year-round. In fact, members who are interacting with their organization more than ever before place greater emphasis on online networking.

Uncover New Member Offerings

On January 28th at 2pm EDT, join Simone Ryland, Events Marketing Manager for a live, CAE accredited webinar to hear expert advice on providing a highly valued member benefit while increasing non-dues revenue through virtual career fairs.

Joining the webinar will be special guest partner, Shelley O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer at Association for Women in Science. Shelley will share her organization’s recent success running a virtual career fair, and how it helped their members make valuable career connections while driving revenue for AWIS.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:
  • Latest research on the benefits members want from their association
  • How to run a successful virtual career fair to get your members hired
  • Leveraging virtual career fair technology to drive non-dues revenue

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