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Here’s What Association Leaders are Saying About YM Careers

Hear what Liliana Arguello, Director of Membership at Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) has to say about working with the team from YM Careers.

Q: How long have you been using YM Careers? 

A: “We have been using YM Careers since I started in 2015.”

Q: What benefits have you experienced while using YM Careers? 

A: “The YM Career’s team has bent over backwards to help us market the career center. They developed branded marketing materials using our brand. We just went through a rebrand, so they refreshed everything. Even though we’ve had concerns, they have always been attentive and responsive.”

Q: What specific results have you seen using YM Careers for your organization? 

A: “It’s a revenue generator for us with minimal effort. So, I’m really planning on utilizing the marketing that YM Careers offers us to help boost that benefit to our members this year and hopefully increase revenue.”

Q: How do you think YM Careers supports or enhances the member experience for your members? 

A: “YM Careers is really a partner. We promote them on our website and direct job board questions to the YM Careers team like they are one of us. So, I think the spirit of partnership is really there.”

Q: What feature of YM Careers could you not live without? 

A: “I personally could not live without the relationships I’ve built with the YM Careers team. If I can count on a grateful relationship with a partner, that means the world to me because I’ve seen different.”

Q: Would you recommend YM Careers to other associations? 

A: “I would recommend YM Careers to associations that are smaller because they are going to get the support that they need. And anyone looking to build a relationship and partnership with their job board, I would recommend YM Careers.”

Q: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about YM Careers?

A: “I think YM Careers is unique because they really listen to feedback. And even though that can be hard to listen to, but they move on it. They really strive to make changes, even small changes to get us to where we are going. They take the time to really processes the concerns and creates some solutions around it.”

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