Is your Association Helping Millennials Further their Careers?

At the risk of stating the obvious, every membership organization needs members. Recruiting and retaining members is fundamental to the success of any association, but it’s often easier said than done. One reason for this is there’s often a disparity in what associations think members want from their organization and what members actually value. Another reason is you have to get members early. In fact, 62 percent of all members join an association within the first five years of their careers and become increasingly difficult to recruit as they advance in their chosen fields.

According to the recent Member Education and Career Development Report, continuing education and certifications rank high as valuable member benefits across all generations, however Millennials, in particular, value opportunities for career advancement. It’s up to the association to demonstrate to these younger prospects how joining the organization will help them in their careers.

One way to demonstrate this value is through an association job board. A career center with job alerts, personalized searches, and recommendations, plus the ability for members to import their resumes from LinkedIn and log in through existing social accounts, such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, will go a long way in driving member acquisition and boosting engagement.

Yet, an association can go even further to explicitly drive membership by using prime real estate on the job board to promote it; for example, intelligently placed call-to-actions encouraging site visitors to join the association that link directly back to the association member benefits page.

Once at the association page, they can simply follow the association’s process for joining. In this way, the job board not only functions as a valuable member benefit to all generations in search of relevant job postings, but it also increases the opportunity for member acquisition and ultimately revenue. Furthermore, strategically promoting membership registration will help these prospective members keep your association top-of-mind as they search for career opportunities. Being presented with reminders about becoming a member can only increase chances of them acting on it. These consistent reminders also help reinforce your brand.

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