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How to Help Association Members Achieve Their Career Goals

Your members, no matter what career stage they are in, can benefit from having a clear roadmap to reach their professional goals. 

Your association already delivers invaluable benefits to members through your online career center. Providing curated job recommendations to match members with their next great opportunity distinguishes you from other organizations.  

What if you could set your association apart even further by helping your members chart a course for their career paths? 

Career Planning Portal is an online tool that sets your members up for success and growth. Your organization can become the ultimate career planning destination by inspiring and empowering members to map out their career paths. Here’s how: 

Engage more learners and generate additional revenue 

45% of members are much more likely to seek out continuing education if it’s connected to specific job opportunities. With Career Planning Portal, members see required skills and matching professional education that will qualify them for their desired positions. And, it drives non-dues revenue for your association by directing members to continuing education and certification offerings. 

Increase member engagement, retention, and new member acquisition 

Become a career planning destination in your industry by providing personalized action plans. Career Planning Portal allows members to design their own personalized career action plans, including the learning, training and experiences required to reach their career goals. They can even see real open jobs at all stages of their career path! Members will plan their next career step with confidence that it will help them reach their ultimate career goals. 

Gain more traffic and insight 

Drive more traffic to your career center and learning management system by offering the very best career planning resources. Utilize the increased member data you’ll gather to take a comprehensive look into the jobs and career paths your learners and members are interested in. With the increase in traffic you can send more people to your job board, boosting ROI for employers and in turn helping your association attract and retain more paid job listings.  

Discover the Top 10 Career Resources Members Need

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