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YM Careers is as easy as 1,2,3!

Is your career center delivering the career growth resources, new member acquisition and non-dues revenue that it should be? If you’re not and are daunted by this task, don’t worry – we got your back!

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These associations made the switch, so you should too!

We take the lift of launching your new career center

Switching your career center provider shouldn’t be stressful. Join YM Careers and benefit from amazing resources we provide to your association and members such as the Career Planning Portal.
Career Insights

Career Insights

Provide insights into every role in your industry.

Share information about each occupation’s salary, skills, job outlook, education requirements, and “a day in the life” videos.

Career Advice

Career Advice

Support members’ professional growth with custom career content

Custom articles and content will help professionals find the job, land the job, and take their careers to the next level.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Give members the boost of confidence they need to succeed.

Offer expertise from a diverse pool of professional coaches who help applicants develop critical skills like resume building, interviewing, and negotiation.

Career Paths

Career Paths

Drive members toward bold new dream jobs.

Empower members to map out their ultimate professional career goals using an interactive step-by-step plan.

Career Paths


Connect members with mentors who can provide guidance, support and a positive influence.

Create lasting professional relationships and facilitate mentorships through the exchange of experience and advice.

Top three reasons to adopt career management software for your association

Engage More Members

Member Retention

Association membership rates have hit some challenging bumps in the road. Many associations are reporting decreased renewal and growth for the first time in recent years. However, implementing career pathing software can help you rise above these challenges.

According to the 2021 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, associations that demonstrate a commitment to innovation are more likely to report membership growth, even during periods of overall downward trends. These findings demonstrate how innovations, like the career path planning tools from YM Careers, can help your association increase membership and resist negative industry trends.

Generate Awareness


Revenue is important to help your association provide the services and support you promise to your members. Membership-based associations tend to derive around 50% of their revenue from member dues, leaving around non-dues revenue. Our Career Planning Portal helps build membership and non-dues revenue by attracting industry employers looking for qualified candidates.

Along with our career management software, our team of marketing and sales experts can help your association provide other revenue-driving services, such as career events and monthly email campaigns to target employers. In our history, YM Careers has paid out nearly $1 billion to our customers in non-dues revenue.

Increase Traffic


The value-add you provide with career management software impacts both your association members and the employers who advertise on your career center. Just as any organization or business must, your association needs to provide services your members will value.

By offering advanced career planning capabilities to your association members, you provide a genuine service that can have a demonstrated impact on their career growth. Furthermore, employerswho advertise on your platform can have access to the top professionals in their industry and attract new and emerging talents.

Don’t let the intimidation get the best of you.

It’s time you turn your job board into a true career growth destination and non-dues revenue generator.

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