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Webinar Recap: Boost Member Benefits & Revenue with Virtual Career Fairs

Your Association is always looking for way to retain and attract members. Did you know that 70% of association members say job opportunities are one of the most important benefits their Association can provide? Virtual Career Fairs not only bring those benefits to your members, but they also bring benefits to your Association as well as employers who invest in your organization. Below we will explore more about hosting a Virtual Career Fair and see the success the Association for Women In Science (AWIS) generated from their first event.

Member Benefits

Bringing top employers and new opportunities to your members will boost members engagement with your Association and provides them with many other benefits, such as:

Connections: Make new connections in their industry and broaden their professional network.

Insights: Gain valuable insight into the current job market and learn more about what hiring employers are looking for.

Opportunities: Discover new and exciting career opportunities from employers who are actively hiring.

Feedback: Receive interview experience and direct feedback about their resume/CV and experience from recruiters.

Employer Benefits

Companies, institutions, and agencies all have valuable budget dollars allocated to recruitment. The value you bring to these employers is the quality of your members. They can find diverse and qualified talent to join their team and grow their company. Virtual Career Fairs are a great option to provide to these organizations, for several reasons:

Location: A central location to find niche professionals looking to launch, expand, or advance their career.

Stage: A chance to showcase their company opportunities, benefits and culture to your members with a customizable virtual booth.

Reporting: Detailed reporting and records of conversations, candidate demographics, job preferences, and resumes/CVs.

Savings: Saves valuable time and great reduces costs by efficiently recruiting in a virtual setting.

Association Benefits

And finally, you are looking for ways that hosting a Virtual Career Fair can benefit your Association. There are several ways hosting one of these events can bring value to your Association.

Member Benefit: By hosting this event you will be providing a highly desired benefit for your members.

New Offering: Allows you to present new opportunities for industry employers to connect with your members.

Knowledge: Gain valuable insight into your member’s career goals, current status, and other career demographics.

Non-dues Revenue: Generate non-dues revenue for your Association. The main source comes from employer booth sales, but it also creates other opportunities such as increasing new members, and exclusive advertising opportunities.

Success Breeds Success

Of course, success speaks for itself. While YM Careers partners with dozens of Associations to run Virtual Career Fairs, you can see our current event calendar here, our recent event with AWIS was a very successful pilot event.

AWIS is a global network of 100,000 members, allies, and supporters who are looking to drive equity and participation for women across the STEM fields. Their Chief Operations Officer presented the idea of a Virtual Career Fair to the board as a way to create new revenue and career opportunities for their members. Below are the statistics from the event.

  • 683 Job Seeker Sign Ups (started registration process)
  • 402 Fully Registered Job Seekers (fully completed registration)
  • 234 Job Seekers Attended
  • 13 Employers
  • 396 Completed Conversations

As you can see hundreds of members were interested and almost 400 conversations were had at the event. AWIS is now continuing to provide this benefit and their next event is coming up in February 2021. To hear their entire success story, watch the January webinar hosted by YM Careers, Boost Member Benefits and Drive Non-Dues Revenue with Virtual Career Fairs.

Virtual events continue to be in high demand for the professionals and organizations, who rely on these valuable connections. Virtual Career Fairs present many opportunities and benefits for all involved parties. If you would like to talk to a Virtual Career Fair expert, you can request more information on the YM Careers Virtual Career Fair platform.

Looking for other ways to provide career opportunities and drive non-dues revenue? Learn more about job board software and all the benefits it brings to your Association.

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