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Virtual career fairs: what they are and why they’re valuable to your organization, to recruiters, to members

Community Brands research shows that job opportunities are among the most important benefits to members of an association. And while your online career center can be a great way to connect your members with job opportunities and career development tools, you can do even more for your members by hosting virtual career fairs 

Virtual career fairs offer your members a convenient, dynamic, low-cost way to network and engage with employers. But these virtual career events also offer value to your association and employers in your industry.  

What is a virtual career fair? 

With virtual career fairs, employers purchase branded online booths where they spotlight open jobs, company information, videos, and other related materials. Job candidates visit these booths during the virtual career event to chat with prospective employers. All interactions can be recorded, rated, and stored for detailed post-event reporting. Employers develop their pipeline of talent, and professionals grow their networks – with your association’s brand as the facilitator. 

How can virtual career fairs provide value for your association, your members, and your industry? 

Your association 

Virtual career fairs are a great way to engage with and provide value to members and prospective members while serving your industry and generating revenue for your association. These events:

  • Provide a highly desired benefit for your members
  • Give you valuable insight into your member’s career goals, job status, and other career demographics 

TIP: Collect information from your virtual career fairs in your association management software for a more complete view of your member data.

  • Can be a great tool for reaching out to potential new members because you can invite individuals who are not yet members to attend your career fair
  • Present new opportunities for industry employers to connect with your members
  • Generate non-dues revenue for your association – the main source comes from employer booth sales, but there are other opportunities such as gaining new members and selling exclusive advertising opportunities

Your members
Members find value in virtual career fairs because they can easily connect with the employers they are interested in. Virtual career fairs allow your members to: 

  • Make new connections in their industry and broaden their professional network
  • Gain valuable insights into the job market and learn more about what hiring employers are seeking 
  • Discover new career opportunities from employers who are actively hiring
  • Acquire interview experience and direct feedback about their résumé and experience from recruiters 

Employers in your industry 

Employers value virtual career fairs because they offer an opportunity to connect directly with your members – a targeted group of professionals in the employers’ industry who are actively looking for a career change or new job. These virtual career events give employers in your industry: 

  • A central location to find niche professionals looking to launch, expand, or advance their careers
  • A chance to showcase their company opportunities, benefits, and culture to your members with a customizable virtual booth
  • Detailed reporting and records of conversations, candidate demographics, job preferences, and résumés
  • Valuable time and cost savings by efficiently recruiting in a virtual setting 

Virtual career fairs are becoming a popular way for associations to connect members with industry employers. Isn’t it time you started to take advantage of all the benefits virtual career fairs have to offer? 

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