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Tips for Personalizing Communications to Your Members

Curious to learn more about how to maintain member interest throughout their career journey? You likely know members are attracted to various services your association offers during different stages of their career. For example, new members are attracted by the employment and networking options you provide. Mid-careerists take advantage of the learning and industry news your association offers. And late-careerists are reading code of ethics and industry updates.

Now that you understand what features are important to which members, it’s time to effectively communicate relevant benefits to each audience. Begin by dividing your member list into specific segments. Surveys are one way to collect data on members’ career stage, and their interests for segmentation purposes. Communicate your career stage benefits to the appropriate list segments.

Personalize Content

Avoid low open rates or, worse, unsubscribes by periodically evaluating the value and relevance of the content being created for each segment. The ideal engagement metrics are 21 percent open rate and 2 percent click rate or higher for each segment.

Let’s talk about the best channel for reaching each segment.

Early-careerists are using today’s technology for employment opportunities and networking. Meet them where they are spending the most time by leverage social media posts and programmatic ads to convey your association’s networking and employment opportunities such as an association job board and career fairs (virtual or in-person). Include mention of annual meetings, online communities, and certification options for people just starting in the industry.


By mid-career, professionals are interested in staying current with industry news and finding professional advancement opportunities. To accomplish those goals, they spend time consuming information through various channels such as email, newsletters, and social media. Include certification and training course ads in the messaging you send to this segment through all your marketing channels.

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Traditionally, branded communities are considered a safer space than public social networks for engagement for this demographic. Expect greater rewards for sharing and showcasing their expertise on a discussion board, mentorship platform, or virtual networking event. When experienced users are encouraged to share content, they build value for other association members. More content drives more connections and value for the overall membership.

Take the next steps

Increase member engagement and satisfaction by diversifying your marketing strategy and tailoring messaging to your different list segments.

Grow member awareness of association benefits as career needs arise and interests change.

Find additional strategies for increasing member retention.

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