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How One Association Is Driving Big Results from Their Online Career Center

Offering an online career center holds huge potential for driving value for your members. Job opportunities are one of the top reasons people join a professional membership organization. So, it makes sense that offering your members an online job board to connect them with their next great job opportunity is a must-have when it comes to delivering member value. 

But are you getting the most out of your online career center? Using some simple best practices, you can do more to increase revenue, engage members, and drive continued growth.  

Here’s how one association has put career center-optimizing best practices to work.

Optimizing a career center in the real world

Let’s look an example from International Facility Management Association (IFMA), a customer of YM Careers. IFMA is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals. Working with the YM Careers team, IFMA was able to use the following best practices to optimize their YM Careers-powered career center: 

  1. Put the website to work. 
    IFMA added a branded jobs widget to the home page of their website to help drive career center traffic. They also added the career center to top level navigation on the home page to reduce the number of clicks needed to reach the career center. These approaches help to market the IFMA career center and drive more traffic to the job board. 
  2. Focus on design and the user experience. 
    The design and online experience offered by a career center goes a long way toward engaging members and users. IFMA launched a re-design of their career center, which offers a modern, user-friendly interface that allows visitors to easily navigate the site and keeps visitors coming back.
  3. Reach passive job seekers. 
    A strong social media strategy can help to reach passive job seekers and drive users to a career center. IFMA implemented this best practice by adding a LinkedIn resume upload feature from YM Careers. The organization also added a “Careers” tab to their Facebook page to automatically display job openings from the Career Center on their Facebook page. 
  4. Enlist marketing and sales support. 
    Having a great career center doesn’t help if no one knows about it. That’s why IFMA looked to the experienced team at YM Careers to provide marketing and media sales support. The YM Careers team provided customized content, design, and messaging to promote the IFMA career center to members, job seekers, and employers.  

With these career center-optimizing strategies, IFMA was able to see: 

  • A 22 percent increase in revenue
  • A 51 percent increase in career center traffic
  • A 33 percent increase in “apply now” clicks on the career center 


Learn more

Find out more about how IFMA optimized their career center to drive revenue, increase site visitors, and increase member engagement: Read the IFMA case study.

Discover why YM Careers is the industry leader for niche job boards and how they can help maximize your career center.

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