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Meet the Small Association’s Dream Team

As an association with a small staff, you might already understand the benefits of an online career center for your organization. It can help you provide a better member value and drive much-needed revenue for your association.  

But here’s something you might not know: Using an online career center that integrates with your association management software (AMS) can be an easy, yet powerful way to help your small association do even bigger things. 

Discover why YourMembership AMS + YM Careers is the dream team for your small staff association.

Join the webinar, Meet the Dream Team: YourMembership + YM Careers on May 10

Let’s take a closer look at how the powerful combination of an online career center and an AMS system can help your organization grow. 

The benefits of an online career center and an AMS for small staff associations

Offering an online career center and integrating it with your AMS system is an easy way to tackle the challenges many associations with a small staff face: improving member recruitment and retention and driving more revenue.  

All you need is the right tools.

For example, YM Careers job board software integrates with YourMembership AMS to help you provide members with the career development resources they want while opening up new revenue streams. Because YourMembership is an all-in-one AMS built for small associations, the software combo makes it easy for you to grow your association. 

YourMembership AMS

YourMembership AMS

The powerful duo of tools works together to help your association: 

  • Improve member value.
    You can provide members and non-members the opportunity to opt in to receive job recommendations based on their member profile data in your AMS, such as job title and location. This gives your members and prospects the ability to easily search for new career opportunities.You can also give your members a one-stop shop for all of their membership needs. Through the online member community platform built into YourMembership, your members can network, collaborate, and search for and save job postings – all in one convenient location. 

In addition, you can automatically sync member activity from your career center to the member record in YourMembership AMS. This gives you a more complete view of your members’ engagement with your association – all in one place, your AMS. So, you can provide more targeted communications, content, and career development opportunities that are tailored to your members’ interests. 

  • Grow your membership.
    Data about non-members who visit your career center and sign up as job seekers can be automatically synced to your YourMembership AMS as a list of new member prospects which you can then use in your member marketing and acquisition efforts through your AMS. 
  • Drive more revenue.
    Using your YM Careers online career center with YourMembership AMS gets revenue coming in through multiple streams:  

You can generate new revenue by selling job postings, ads, and other ways for recruiters in your industry to get their job opportunities in front of a highly qualified pool of candidates. YM Careers even has an experienced sales and marketing team to help you drive job board traffic and sales.

YM Careers Job Board Software

YM Careers

By offering the career development resources your members want, you’ll provide greater member value, which in turn will help you attract more new members and keep the ones you already have.

With a new member prospect list from your career center, plus a holistic view of member activities, you can develop more targeted, and more effective, marketing campaigns that drive member recruitment, engagement, and revenue.  

Integrating your online career center with a modern AMS system is a great way to grow your association. YourMembership AMS by Community Brands is affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-one membership software for small to mid-sized organizations. YM Careers, also by Community Brands, offers job board software built to help associations create online career centers for their industry or profession. As these technology platforms work together, you can create member experiences that will drive engagement and revenue for years to come. 

Find out more about how YourMembership + YM Careers can help take your small association to the next level.

Join the webinar, Meet the Dream Team: YourMembership + YM Careers on May 10 at 2pm ET!

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