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Take Your Member Engagement to the Next Level at the ASAE Annual Meeting

If you’re looking to improve member engagement, the ASAE Annual Meeting is the place to be August 13 – 18, 2021.

To start, ASAE Annual is the conference where thousands of association professionals and industry partners gather to exchange knowledge, resources, strategies, and solutions. So, you know you’ll have a chance to learn from others about member engagement.

Beyond that, YM Careers team is taking the conference theme, Let’s Go Up, as the inspiration for the software demo and resources we’ll be providing at the conference to show you how to take your member engagement up to new levels through your association’s online career center.

How your online career center can drive member engagement

A robust online career center is a source of engagement and help for your members that allows your association to support members throughout their careers. As THE career development destination for your members, your career center can:

  • Provide career resources and advice. You can give members the support they need to land the jobs they’re seeking by incorporating offerings with your job board, including:
    • Job seeker articles, tips, and recommendations such as résumé writing tips, interview techniques, and job search ideas
    • Résumé review and coaching with certified career coaches
    • Recommendations for your association’s online learning courses and credentials that are automatically presented to members through a connection between your career center and your learning management software (LMS)
  • Offer a career pathing tool. You can also give your members a way to create a roadmap to reach their professional goals. For example, provide them with an online tool to visually map out what it will take to achieve their career aspirations. With this type of tool, members choose a desired job title, and then they are presented with a career path – including job descriptions and relevant skills required for the next job in their career journeys.
  • Deliver career insights. You can help your members dig deeper to understand more about their chosen career paths, such as career descriptions, salary benchmarks, and employment/unemployment data. By giving them access to this type of data about their potential careers, your career center can help them gain the insights they need to move forward or even change direction.

The career center software you need to level up member engagement

You can easily build a career center with these types of features using career center software. For example, YM Careers offers job board software for associations that includes Career Planning Portal functionality to help you support and engage members through their career journeys. It includes a career pathing tool that helps you give your members the ability to map out their careers based on their goals. It also gives your members the insights they need to plan and develop their careers – all in one convenient location.

Learn more at the ASAE Annual Meeting

Member engagement is an ongoing challenge for every association. A career center gives you a powerful place to engage members and keep them engaged year after year.

Here are two ways to learn more about how YM Careers job board software and career center solutions for associations can help you engage members:

  1. Attend our demo at 2pm EST on August 13th at the ASAE Annual Meeting and download resources on our conference business page.
  2. Explore YM Careers at your own pace and request a personalized demo.

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