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The Latest in Association Job Board Tech Evolution

The YM Careers introduction of “Pane View” job search within our job board software is a game-changer for associations whose members turn to them for career opportunities. The new update allows job seekers to find and research more relevant job opportunities in less time than traditional association career centers offer. And based on our 2018 Member Learning and Career Development Report, 66% of members join their professional associations to get help finding a new job opportunity. This new rollout could not have arrived at a better time with the evolution of technology booming all around us.

According to our latest Digital Evolution Study, professional organizations’ overall use of technology is trending in the right direction. However, there is still some work to be done in regard to how well professional membership organizations are using technology to connect with and provide services to members.
The release of ‘Pane View’ will also help to better the job seeker and member experience, while also attracting new members to join who are seeking new job opportunities. These are both top objectives that leadership look to address with technology according to our Digital Evolution Study.

YM Careers Pane View innovation caps a record-breaking year of more than 175 new customers. With two successful decades in business, YM Careers continue to see the non-dues revenue career centers generate for associations reach new record heights. Associations are recognizing that with the right strategy and partner, they’re well positioned to help solve one of the biggest challenges limiting the growth of our economy, which is the war for talent.

YM Careers latest product enhancements focus on modern search and user experiences, non-dues revenue-engine enhancements, value-added integrations with association management software and learning management software, detailed analytics and business intelligence, conversion of job board users into association members, search engine optimization, mobile job search experiences, social media integration and leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services for unmatched reliability, scalability and security.

2019 was an innovative year for the market leader in association job boards, so watch out 2020! If you’re interested in learning more about ‘Pane-View’ read out latest press release or reach out to the YM Careers Partner Services Team today!

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