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How Virtual Events Work to Connect your Members to Employers

Social distancing and new restrictions have virtual resources on everyone’s mind.

And with the direction we are moving towards,  it seems virtual is here to stay. Staying current and offering your members this highlight will keep you up to date and set your association up for success in the future. Below are the top reasons virtual career fairs work to connect your members and employers.

Cost & Savings
Saving money and cutting spending is on everyone’s agenda these days, and virtual career fairs are more cost efficient across the board. Employers and members will save money with no travel, no hotel fees, and no printed materials. Your association will also save money on a venue, booths, staff, and all the elements that go into creating a successful onsite fair. The event will surely pay for itself, with room to receive non-dues revenue, a win-win!

Life is hectic, anywhere that you can save time valuable. Bringing your members and employers together virtually allows your staff to save time and offers employers and job seekers the ability to be extremely efficient. They can attend right from their home or office and make dozens of quality connections in just a few short hours. A bonus, if you utilize YM Careers we offer a full turnkey solution. We will help with all aspects of planning/promoting, sales, customer service, and monitoring the event.

Data & Reporting
One of the most important factors of any event is success, and analytics are an important part of evaluating that. With a virtual event everything can be tracked. You will have extensive data on which members attended, detailed demographics, and insight into how they spent their time at the event. This will be highly valuable to the participating employers to use for their immediate needs and building their pipeline. Job seekers and employers also receive information on each connection made, including the entire chat transcript. That is a huge benefit and something that cannot be offered in person.

Virtual offerings have endless options and exciting and creative ways to bring value in a digital format. The need for virtual solutions, such as career fairs, is rising and being able to offer this to your members and industry employers will be a valuable and innovative solution your association can offer.

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