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Close the Technology Gap Between Your Association and its Members

A key part of supporting your members is ensuring you have the right technology in place to enhance the value you provide through each phase of members’ career journeys.  

Closing the technology gap between your association and its members is essential to increasing member value.  

Community Brands surveyed more than 1,000 association members and 400 association staff representatives in 2019 to examine the gaps that exist between member value and association technology. Most members feel that technology helps improve efficiency and quality of life – and feel highly attached to their smartphones. On the other hand, the majority of association professionals feel that they are not technologically prepared for the future or to meet member expectations. Correspondingly, only 21% of association pros plan to invest heavily in new/better technology. 


While job opportunities, credentials, and training are among the top reasons members join professional organizations, performance is not as high as it could be. According to IT association leaders surveyed, enhancing the member experience is their top business objective. Attracting new members, improving business process efficiency, and growing revenue are the next priorities on their list. Closing the gap between member value and technology can help achieve these goals and more; here’s how: 

  1. Level up your technology around online training, certifications and credentials, and job boards will not only increase member satisfaction but will also have the added benefit of driving non-dues revenue. 
  2. Emphasize mobile by offering the entire member journey on mobile by making sure that each experience is mobile responsive and works well on any device. 
  3. Be prepared to meet members’ technology expectations by offering high quality technology experiences. 

With the right technology in place, your organization can work more efficiently to deliver the best member experience. YM Careers has a proven track record of helping associations do just that. 

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) partnered with YM Careers to strategically optimize their job board software and career center by implementing best technology practices. These efforts increased revenue, maximized member engagement, and drove continued growth for the organization. 

Find out how YM Careers can help your association close the technology gap.  

Start on a path to better member engagement today. 

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