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Boost Member Acquisition with a Career Center and AMS Integration

Through your career center, you provide an invaluable service to your members and others in your industry.

Especially when economic times are tough, your organization’s career center can serve as “the” career resource for your industry or professionYour job board likely will see an increase in job seeker traffic as professionals turn to it to find new job opportunities.   

While your association provides this much-needed service, you can use your job board to acquire new members. One highly effective way to achieve this is by integrating your career center with your association management software (AMS). With this type of technology integration, you can capture contact information of non-members who visit your career center and target them for member marketing and acquisition efforts.  

Here are some specific examples of what a career center/AMS integration can do:
      • Develop member prospect lists – Non-members who visit your job board and sign up as job seekers via job alerts or account registration are automatically delivered to your AMS as a list of new member prospects for your use in new member marketing and acquisition efforts.
      • Deliver intelligent job recommendations – Members and non-members can opt-in to receive intelligent job recommendations based on their AMS member profile data, such as job title and location, giving them the ability to passively search for new career opportunities.  
      • Provide additional insights into member activity – Member and non-member activity on your job board is captured and stored within the member’s AMS record, giving you additional data and insights to drive more informed member marketing efforts. 
YM Careers offers job board software that ensures associations have visibility and recruitment access to non–members who are using the board. It tracks job seeker activity and writes it back to their record within the AMS – all to drive membership and increase revenue.

YM Careers integrates with the AMS solutions offered by Community Brands: Aptify, NetForum Enterprise, Nimble AMS, and YourMembership

Here are some features of these integrations 

          • When potential members visit your career center and sign up as a job seeker via job alert or account registration, leads are automatically sent to your AMS. 
          • A report is generated right within your interface of new member prospects, which can be used for marketing and new member acquisition efforts. 
          • Member activity on the job board is written back to the member record within the AMS so you have a more complete view of your members interactions with your association, all in one place.  
          • You can use your job board’s registration page to promote membership benefits with intelligently placed calls-to-action encouraging job seekers to join your association and linking to a page with membership benefits and a membership application. Promoting the benefits of membership on your job board keeps your association top-of-mind and further reinforces your brand as prospective members search for new jobs
Throughout the year, and especially when economic times get tough, your job board is more than a great member benefit. By integrating it with your AMS, it gives you even more opportunities to convert non-members to members and ultimately increase revenue.

Find out more about how YM Careers can help you boost member acquisition: Explore YM Careers 

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