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4 Easy Steps to Audit Your Associations Job Board Homepage

Your association’s job board addresses essential member needs, job opportunities, and professional growth.

It’s vital to run periodic site audits to ensure the information on your job board is up to date and a clear reflection of your members’ professional interests. A site audit tells you what content and pages are performing well, and what needs improvement.

Here are four simple steps you can take to audit your job board homepage to engage and retain your audience.

Step 1: Welcome users to your site
Explain to users the history of your association, who your members are, and why your job board is the best source for finding and posting top industry jobs. A paragraph or two is all it takes to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and ensure your job board appears on the top of search results for platforms like Google, Safari, and Bing.

Step 2: Highlight related topics
Users visit your job board homepage to see information about jobs and resources for professional growth. The banners and links listed there should highlight jobs, events, and current learning opportunities to make you a resource for all things career-related in your industry. If you are already hosting banners and links, use metrics to track what users are clicking on to ensure you are staying current with their interests. Share compelling metrics on your site about registered users, page views, etc. to keep visitors informed.

Step 3: Select images with care
You’ve heard the expression a picture’s worth a thousand words. Outdated or irrelevant images on a site make it look irrelevant and neglected. When auditing images on your job board, be sure the pictures are a diverse representation of working professionals in your industry. Icons can be used in place of images but use the same lens to ensure they are modern and varied.

Step 4: Leverage prominent placement
Don’t be afraid to leverage space to highlight events, videos, and featured employers on your job board homepage. Featured employers will benefit significantly from their logos being displayed as a valued partner. Prominent placement will help increase brand awareness for these organizations with site visitors. Another idea is to add banners that link to videos highlighting the value of your job board to job seekers and employers. These videos can be used not only on your job board but also in e-newsletters and social media to showcase the value of your job board to members who haven’t registered.

These four steps allow you to update your job board’s appearance effortlessly. You can make sure that relevant and interesting information is available to your site’s visitors, building your association’s job board as a professional resource for your industry.

Check out more ways to grow your job board here.

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