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3 Underused Ways to Leverage Your Job Board for Users

Your association job board provides value beyond being a source of non-dues revenue. There is an enormous amount of value for your members and employers too. For members, the job board presents an opportunity to find new jobs from the industry’s top employers. There are also resources for members to seek out professional coaching and complimentary resume critiques. For recruiters and employers, the job board offers a direct channel for advertising jobs to your members. They can familiarize your job board audience with their branding and attract talented members and job seekers as future applicants.

But are your members and employers seeing the full advantage of your partnership? Right now, are you doing everything you can to maximize job board awareness through marketing efforts on your available channels? With increased traffic on nice job boards in the recent months, now is a great time to consider implementing a few small changes to strengthen the value of being an association member and employers.

Here are a few options to consider:

Member’s-first Job View
Enhance your association’s value proposition by giving members first view of newly posted jobs. Members gain a competitive advantage with the ability to view and apply to jobs before non-members, increasing the odds of interviews and job offers. Non-members will be presented with messaging and links encouraging them to join your association to take advantage of the member – first job view benefit, as well as others your association provides.

Member Pricing
There are multiple advantages to member pricing. They show hiring organizations the financial benefits of joining your association as a corporate member. Organizations that use your job board frequently to find talented candidates will find a corporate membership very useful in managing recruitment costs. Another advantage is access to metrics for understanding how many recruiters using the job board are, in fact, members. Develop a corporate-membership lead list of recruiters not currently posting as members which could be used to advertise sponsorship opportunities as well

Featured Employers
Loyal customers should be acknowledged and rewarded. Treat your biggest employers to prime logo placement on your job board homepage. Link the logo to active job postings on the site or back to the company’s own about us page on their website. Featured employer logos can be rotated monthly or quarterly to keep content engaging and satisfy your customer base.

When assessing which of the above features make the most sense for your association, factor in how much employer and job seeker traffic is on the site presently. If the traffic is low for employers, introducing member pricing might drive away the audience you have. Instead, introduce the Featured Employer benefit and encourage more employers to join for the chance to be highlighted on your job board homepage. Likewise, if there isn’t an upward trajectory on job seeker signups, delay implementing member’s-first job view until there is. Introducing the member’s-first feature prematurely could cost employers expected job views and apply clicks.

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