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Evaluating the Health of Your Association’s Chapter Program

How to tell if your chapter program is truly healthy and how to diagnose what’s in need of repair.


How to prepare your chapters for increased growth and improved ROI

A healthy chapter program delivers valuable benefits for an association. It drives member engagement, member satisfaction, and overall member growth.

At the same time, managing a chapter program can be a tricky business. It requires sustainable chapter leadership, a supportive administrative structure, enthusiastic member involvement, and valuable member services.

A healthy chapter generates member engagement, member satisfaction, and overall member growth.

So how do you know if your chapter program is truly healthy? How do you diagnose areas that need repair?

In this paper, you’ll discover practical ideas and approaches to help you evaluate your chapter program’s health and pinpoint ways to:

  • Identify what makes a chapter program healthy
  • Manage chapter activities more effectively
  • Strengthen collaboration and engagement with chapter leaders and members
  • Uncover insights and guide chapter leaders to improve decision-making and drive growth

Start evaluating your association’s chapter program today.

Note: This paper uses the word “chapter” throughout to refer to geographical components such as local chapters, sections, affiliates, etc.

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