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Membership Magic: Open the Chamber of Member Secrets

5 ways to enchant your members with career advancement opportunities

Join our spellbinding on-demand webinar to learn the five ways members have revealed they want career help.

We didn’t need a crystal ball to discover these secrets; we surveyed over a thousand association members and pros.

For eight years, Community Brands has conducted surveys to unveil insights into association members’ and professionals’ behaviors and perspectives.

The 2023 study builds on previous studies to answer key questions and offer recommendations about the member experience.

Say “presto change-o” to your membership engagement strategy once you learn how to give members the career development benefits they’re seeking.

Sign up for the webinar today, no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations required!

YM Careers Wizards

Gina Durso, Marketing Director, YM Careers

Gina Durso

Marketing Director


Lauren Mancini, Marketing Manager

Lauren Mancini

Marketing Manager


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