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Key Ingredients to a Complete Member Journey

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Technology is at the center of engaging and understanding members through each stage of the member journey. From acquisition to renewal, how you best use your tech stack is the key to retaining members and acquiring new ones.

 The webinar covers:

  • Why choosing the right association technology is imperative
  • Each stage of the member journey and what types of technology to invest in to facilitate each one
  • How to provide competitive differentiation and member value throughout the member life cycle

Join industry experts Mitch Eisen, VP of Product Manager at Higher Logic, Tristan Jordan, EVP and General Manager, Careers and Education Solutions, Community Brands, and Tom Lehman, Founder & CEO, Lehman Associates, as they advise what to look for in association technology investments when it comes to facilitating your members through their member life cycle.

Watch the webinar today.

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