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Boost Non-Dues Revenue in the Great Resignation

Secrets from the experts

Since the start of the Great Resignation in early 2021, employers have continued to compete with one another to re-hire top talent. So how do you help them win, in a way that drives more non-dues revenue – while also growing your role as a valuable career destination to your members?
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Join YM Careers’ marketing experts Dawn DiLorenzo and Gina Durso in this timely thought leadership masterclass where you’ll learn:

  • Strategies that will help you drive more non-dues revenue during economic hardship
  • How to build a true career center destination for your members in 2022

YM Careers Presenters

Dawn DiLorenzo Headshot

Dawn DiLorenzo

Director of Marketing

Gina Durso

Gina Durso

Associate Director of Customer Marketing

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