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Association Trends 2020

From Disruption
to Opportunity

Re-discover what members want and how your association can create new opportunities for member acquisition and engagement.

This year has been a wild ride, where do you go from here?

We know you are working harder than ever before. We’ve got your back with brand new insights on…

  • How associations have been responding to this year’s challenges
  • What trends have emerged with member preferences
  • And, what both association professionals and members think lies ahead

This report will help guide your association’s strategies and give you actionable takeaways to increase engagement and loyalty.

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Insight 1

Association Professional Perception Gap on Career Opportunities

A trend seen across multiple Community Brands studies shows that connecting members with job opportunities is critically important for recruiting and retaining members – especially those early in their careers. But association professionals do not think job opportunities are as important as members do, nor do they say they offer a great member experience in this area.


Only 19% of association professionals believe that job searches are important to members YET…


42% of early careerists rank job opportunities as very important as member benefits


After a disruptive year of unemployment, bridging this perception gap between associations offering the best possible career destination is a MUST Do for all associations. This is a tremendous area of opportunity for associations to provide a crucial benefit and a sought-after area of digital engagement for all members – from early careerist to retiree.

Insight 2

Career Advancement

Career advancement is a top reason why members join professional organizations, and professional growth opportunities are one of the greatest benefits an association can provide those early in their careers.


Career advancement rose in importance to early careerists


42% of early careerists rank job opportunities as very important as member benefits


Provide your members with the support they need through every stage in their career. An online career center offers a huge member benefit by connecting members with career opportunities. Your organization can use this appealing member benefit to attract new members and improve member retention.

Insight 3

Fueling Industry Growth

Advancing industries is much more than trends and technology. Members and dedicated industry advocates are the lifeline of any great industry. Fueling your industry means propelling your members along their career so they will always be a lifetime member of your association. Members tend to initially join their organization for job opportunities, networking, and training, but over time, industry information, raising awareness, and fueling growth grow in importance.


42 percent of mid careerists say fueling growth of industry is an important membership benefit


38 percent of late careerists say fueling growth of industry is an important membership benefit


These changes over time in what members value most suggest an opportunity for organizations in their acquisition and retention efforts: to provide more targeted content and services to help members as they move through the member journey. Invest in your members careers by providing personalized career content, pathing, coaching, mentoring, networking and more!

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The Big Reveal: 2020 Association Trends Report

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