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Discover 3 Ways to Diversify Your Association’s Non-Dues Revenue

Let’s discover ways to diversify your association’s non-dues revenue.

One thing every association executive can agree on is needing ways for your association to drive and diversify non-dues revenue.

Non-dues revenue can help associations maintain budgets and continue to provide members with the levels of service they expect. YM Careers offers various opportunities to help provide associations with opportunities for non-dues revenue. We are going to explore those options in greater detail below.

Recruitment Guides:

Recruitment Guides create a new way for your members to connect with top employers in your industry. These guides can be in print and/or digital format and can feature relevant career development articles & resources, advertisements from employers looking to hire your members, advertisements for your association initiatives.

Recruitment Guides

One of the top reasons members join associations is for career growth and opportunities according to the 2022 Association Trends Study by Community Brands. Recruitment guides are an excellent way to deliver this benefit and create an additional revenue stream for your association. The membership benefits from these guides are also like no other as you are helping your members with one of the top reasons, they joined your organization. YM Careers can help you learn how to get started today with recruitment guides!

Why do members join

10 reasons to join a membership

Onsite & Virtual Events and Career Fairs:

With the return of in-person events many associations now have options when planning events for their members. Virtual event options are still important to some members and organizations so it’s great to be able to offer both. Survey your members to find out what option is best for your association. Perhaps you might even offer both to provide the most reach for your members.

Technology is still a very important viewpoint for association professionals and members. So being able to utilize technology to allow your members an option with virtual and in-person events is a very important decision for associations. You know your association and members better than anyone so think of what the best options would be for your current membership.

With virtual and on-site career fairs, you can help connect employers and job seekers. You can even incorporate these career fairs at your next annual conference or meeting to help maximize exposure and attendance.

Technology viewpoints

Job Board Software:

Active job seekers typically search for opportunities through multiple channels. Your association’s career center is a membership benefit so make sure it has the resources and tools that your members need to expand their career journey. It’s important to promote your career center regularly with your members. Set up a career center booth at your annual conference, highlight the opportunities with your association’s newsletter and make sure your membership department is highlighting it as membership benefit.

Let your members have a location where they can learn about things new in the industry and a place to go when they are ready to elevate their career. Take the time to also highlight your members’ success! Celebrate them in their career journeys

Take the next steps

No matter which option you are eager to explore; these benefits can have a real impact for your association and its members. It is time for you to prioritize your association’s future success and financial strength.

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