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Webinar Recap I 4 Proven Ways to Diversify Revenue

In the current economic cycle, non-dues revenue can help associations smooth out disruptions and allow them to maintain budgets and continue to provide members with the levels of service they expect.  YM Careers offers multiple products to offset loss of non-dues revenue: digital vendor guides, recruitment guides, virtual career fairs, and our job board software.  

Digital Vendor Guides 

These fully interactive digital guides give your vendors exposure to your members through ads, complete with embedded links, and the ability to showcase a product or company video.  Provide your members with a one-stop resource to research relevant products and services that help them be at the top of their industry and work effectively.   

  • Create a source of non-dues revenue that provides exposure for vendors and services to your members 
  • YM Careers offers a full turnkey solution for this offering.  Our team will manage production, sales, and marketing so you don’t have to take on additional work. 
Recruitment Guides 

Create a new way for your members to connect with top employers in your industry.  These guides can be in print and/or digital format and can feature relevant career development articles & resources, advertisements from employers looking to hire your members, advertisements for your association initiatives.  

  • Additional avenue for employers to promote their opportunities and highlight benefits and culture to your members 
  • Gives passive jobseekers an opportunity to explore additional advancement opportunities, career resources, and consideration for new membership 

One of the top reasons members join associations is for career growth and opportunities. Recruitment guides are an excellent way to deliver this benefit and create an additional revenue stream for your association.

Virtual Career Fairs 

Virtual events grown in popularity this year. They’re an essential alternative to in person events at a time when onsite events are especially challenging. A virtual career fair takes the benefits of an onsite career fair and removes barriers for employers and job seekers. It’s a great way to engage members and prospective members, serve your industry and generate revenue. For more information, read our blog: “How Virtual Events Work to Connect your Members to Employers.

Our partner, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), had their largest, and most successful virtual career fair to date on April 29th of this year.  Their event had 30+ exhibitors, 500+ attendees, and 1933 individual chat conversations.  

Job Board Software 

Active job seekers typically search for opportunities through multiple channels. That means the job seekers who use your job board will also use other sites such as Google, Indeed, Glassdoor, Zip Recruiter, and LinkedIn. You need a competitive advantage over those other sites to maximize your revenue from employers who use your association to access talent. This requires having a career center that is a source of engagement and is seen as extremely valuable for your members and employers. 

Must Haves in Job Board Software: 

  • Email job matching  
  • Personalized search & recommendations 
  • High ROI employer products 
  • Mobile responsiveness 
  • Candidate screening and management 
  • Advanced data, reporting, and analytics 
  • SEO and job distribution 

YM Careers is the industry leader for job boards by providing more than just software.  We create a business model that makes your organization the premiere and protected channel to its member talent.  We initiate more site traffic with dedicated customer marketing for both candidates and employers.  And we offer the largest recruitment ad sales team, which will significantly grow your market share.  

Richard Spector, Director of Corporate Development and Industry Relationships, Public Relations Society of America, says: 

“If you want to work with somebody that’s going to help your association succeed and that understands all your pain points, all your challenges and wants to help you get through everything one by one, I’ve never seen a company as helpful as YM Careers.”

Take the next steps

No matter which option you are eager to explore; new career center technology, hosting a virtual career fair, or utilizing digital vendor guides and recruitment guides, these benefits can have a real impact for your association and its members. It is time for you to prioritize your associations future success and financial strength. 

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