You’ve chosen a New Job Board Software. What’s Next?

What an exciting time for your association!

You’ve chosen new software for your career centerwhich will provide your members with one of the benefits they value most: job opportunities. Now that you’ve made the decision, what comes next? Before you move ahead with your new job board, it’s important to think about how you will implement, launch, and promote it.  

Here’s a handy checklist to help ensure your job board launch goes smoothly and stays on track: 

Work with your job board vendor on an implementation plan.
Your job board vendor has implemented job boards many times. Work with them to create a plan for implementing your career center, including timeframe, key milestones, tasks to complete, task owners, and a communications schedule.

Consider the experience you are providing.
Be sure your members are top of mind as you set up your new career center so you can provide them with the best member experience possibleFor example, offer articles and other content, including résumé writing tips, interview tips, job search ideas, and tips on social networkingYour job board vendor should have additional suggestions about best practices for providing a great experience for job seekers and employers. Be sure to ask them for tips.

Don’t forget about your staff experience.
If you are switching from one job board provider to a new one, remember that not every system works the sameand it might benefit you to re-think your processes. So, for example, instead of trying to figure out how to do X the same way you did it in your old system, ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish, and then work with your vendor to determine if there is a better or more convenient way to do it in the new system. 

TECH TIP:To create an easy, seamless, and complete experience for your learners and your staff, your career center should integrate with the system in which you manage your membership data, your association management system (AMS). Be sure to look into your career center’s integration capabilities before you begin implementation. Ask your vendor how the integration works and how much time the integration will require from your team so you’ll be prepared and have plenty of time for integration work.

Build marketing plan.
Prep members and industry recruiters for the launch of your new system through a series of emails starting a couple of months before your expected go-live date. This approach lets everyone know that good things are coming and creates excitement before the big launch. Also, determine where you want to promote things on your website, like job widgets or a link to your job board, as well as which other channels you’ll use to announce your career center.    

The only way to know if your career center is working correctly is to test it again and again. Be sure to give yourself ample time to do so, and plan on the following approaches:

  • Test from a variety of user perspectives, such as job seekers, employers, and your staff
  • Use the system as if you were an end user that had never seen the content or processes before. 
  • Do a soft launch to a small group of members. 
  • Ask for feedback, make adjustments, and test again before launching.   

Make the big announcement 
Fill the week leading to your launch with the announcement of your career center via your association’s website, social media channels, and even print advertisements. The day of your launch, have an announcement email ready to go to members and employers, as well as a press release and blog article about your new addition.

Grow your career center
Once your new career center is launched, keep the momentum going. Here are some tips:

  • Increase engagement and job views by recommending opportunities to job seekers based on their prior searches. 
  • Boost revenue by helping employers reach talent in your industry through options such as job emails and promotions on your association’s social media feeds that maximize exposure of their job postings and improve their return on investment.
  • Take advantage of all the capabilities your new job board provides, including dashboards and reporting options.
Whether you’re moving from one job board software to another, or implementing a job board for the first time, a well-developed plan will help you build a career center that improves your members’ experience and deepens their connection with your organization for years to come.

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