The Benefits of a Career Pathing Tool for Member Retention

Members look to your association as a resource for industry news and professional resources. According to the 2020 Community Brands Study, one professional resource that 42% of association members feel is important is career opportunities. Early careerists especially value opportunities and resources that provide employment prospects and career planning for their professional growth. Offering career pathing tools enables members to better map out their careers.

If your association isn’t currently offering a career mapping resource to your members, it should.

With a career pathing tool, members can plan their next career step with confidence to reach their ultimate career goals. Each career role includes a description and a highlight of the critical skills needed to be successful in that role. Members can evaluate their current skillset and determine what areas they need to focus on to advance into their next role. Designing their own, personalized, career action plan, including the learning, training, and experiences required to reach their career goals will make your association the career destination for industry professionals.

Benefits of Career Pathing Tools:

  • Increases member engagement, retention, and new member acquisition with a strong, new value proposition.
  • Generates additional revenue by directing members to continuing education and certification offerings.
  • Gains insight into what jobs your members are interested in.
  • Deepens learner engagement, 45% of members are much more likely to seek continuing education if it is connected to specific job opportunities.
  • Increases traffic to your career center and Learning Management Software (LMS).
  • Increases ROI for employers who use your job board resulting in non-dues revenue for your association.

These highlights are just scratching the surface of how a career pathing tool can be a boon to your association and its members.

Learn more on how to elevate career advancement resources for your members with these three tips.

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