Community Brands conducted a study to help association leaders better understand the changing interests of their members. The study was built on previous membership and loyalty surveys to measure how membership insights are changing since the Covid-19 outbreak earlier this year. Here’s a look at the findings.

Member engagement is growing, and loyalty remains strong since the pandemic started

In response to workplace closures and social limitations, people are turning to virtual platforms for information, entertainment, and connection. Professional associations like yours have stepped in to provide those resources, and members are grateful.

Members describe how important their organizations are today than before the pandemic:

  • 51% say it’s more important
  • 39% say the same
  • 7% say less

Among the groups of members that find their professional organization more important now and are engaging more, are: younger members, those in the early-to-mid stages of their careers, African-Americans, Hispanics, and professionals in the IT industry. ​

What is capturing member attention?

Members are saying their Associations provide more relevant content and more things are available online. Some of those highly prized benefits include education, training and networking options that are of growing importance to members.

Why Members are Interacting More with Their Organization

Picture1 - Members Need Their Associations More Than Ever Before

3. Remaining a member destination in 2021 and beyond

The study also revealed that associations might be missing some investment opportunities in key areas such as certification, mentorship, and job board platforms. Virtual is here to stay and members of every career stage are embracing that new reality. Make sure your association is leveraging the resources members are asking for.

Learn more about job boards and mentorship boards.

Picture2 - Members Need Their Associations More Than Ever Before

The key takeaway is that your members and staff are resilient and have become more engaged. They continue to face uncertainty and as the environment changes around them, the benefits your association provides becomes even more valuable.

RC2010 CB DisruptionToOpportunity Study RCCardImage - Members Need Their Associations More Than Ever Before

Association Trends Study for 2020

Access the full study and learn what members are saying about professional associations during the pandemic.

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