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Improve organic rank to reach a wider career center audience

Are you looking to grow your association’s registered members? Organization’s subscribers? Or job board users?

Let’s talk about ways to improve organic search ratings to reach a wider audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for improved Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking is constantly evolving. Mastering this figurative “dragon” means a better digital ranking and more traffic for your brand.

1. Using keywords and related synonyms to improve SERP

When attracting organic traffic to your site, it’s useful to be a thought leader and resource for trending issues in your industry.

Using specific industry keywords and related synonyms in web content will capture traffic unfamiliar with your brand name but interested in the topics your organization is addressing. Over time, readers will become reliant on the topical content you deliver and view your brand as a professional resource.

Now, let’s review some talking points that can be added to your website and social channels to escalate your ranking in organic search results with your different user groups.

  • Attracting Job Seekers – Highlight professional resources and access to top industry employers available through your online job boards and career fairs (virtual and onsite).
  • Attracting Members – Focus on benefits important to (new and experienced) professionals in search of mentorship, networking opportunities, and continuing education.
  • Attracting Employers/ Exhibitors – Emphasize the number of niche professionals accessible and looking for employment on your job board and at your events.
  • Subscribers – Maintain a steady cadence of relevant content for readers and include subscribe links in all your outward facing communication channels.

Mastering SEO is like trying to catch the perfect wave. There are established rules to follow but focusing too much on one thing can mean a wipeout.

2. Leveraging Digital Advertising

The future of digital advertising is still personalization with a growing focus on using omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel marketing means delivering a consistent, personalized experience for users across all channels. The guiding principle is that omnichannel messaging is user based, not channel based.

Marketing teams using three or more channels in their marketing campaigns experience higher engagement and retention because users are switching between devises more and more.

Now, let’s apply these digital tidbits to scenarios specific to your various audiences.

  • Campaign for Job Seekers – Include newly posted jobs in various channels to make employment opportunities a well-known member benefit. Feature jobs in monthly newsletters, on your homepage, and in your social channels.
  • Campaign for Members – Renewal messaging is a useful reminder for existing members. Any early renewal incentives or promotional discounts should be easy to redeem and accessible through mobile, desktop, and the app.
  • Campaign for Employers/ Exhibitors – Event countdowns are a great way to introduce a sense of urgency for customers. Emails ahead of an upcoming conference or busy hiring seasons will also keep you top of mind for customers when needs arise.
  • Campaign for Subscribers – Increase subscriber conversions by leveraging retargeting and programmatic ads. Research shows that ad conversion rates increase the more a user sees an ad. Creative ads can also be used on social media and in emails.

Developing a marketing strategy utilizing the topics and keywords from your different user groups in omnichannel campaigns will set you up for success.

YM Careers offers full marketing support to make sure you are getting the most of out your career center. 

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