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Revitalize Your Membership Offerings with a Career Fair Event

When was the last time your association hosted a career fair event? As organizations begin to recover from the pandemic, leadership can start to transition from “crisis mode” to proactively building for the future.

Career fair events, whether virtual or onsite, are a great way to revitalize your membership offerings – professional organizations can provide a meeting space for their members and industry employers to connect. Career advancement is a top reason why members join associations, and professional growth opportunities are one of the greatest benefits you can provide those early in their careers.

Benefits of hosting a career fair 

  • Foster member value and engagement 
  • Increase non-dues revenue 
  • Connect employers with your highly-qualified members 
  • Drive new member acquisition 
  • Enjoy significant growth in job board traffic 

The YM Careers events team has fully managed over 100 world-class career fair events, from marketing to sales to execution. As the experts in planning these events for associations, we want to share our tips and tricks to help you rejuvenate your membership resources. 

On-site or virtual career fair events 

Whether your association leadership and members are more comfortable with on-site (in-person) or virtual events, both options allow members to connect with employers and create opportunities to: 

  • Advance members’ careers by connecting them with hiring employers that are interested in recruiting them.  
  • Provide employers with access to high quality candidates at your live, branded career events. 
  • Generate revenue from event sponsors, while providing members with a free, valuable service. 

Items to consider when planning your next career fair event 


  • What kind of resources do you currently have, and what will you need to acquire, to manage a career event? 
  • Who will present/speak at the event? 
  • Will it be a joint event with co-hosts or sponsors? 


  • Is there anything planned in the upcoming months that could conflict with a career event? 
  • What other events, if any, are your association sponsoring and/or attending? 
  • Are there specific “hiring seasons” within your industry that you should plan a career event around? 

Type of event

  • On-Site Career Fair – Allows employers and members to meet face-to-face 
  • Virtual Career Fair – Can be more convenient for attendees and employers 
  • Tradeshow or Conference – Connects companies in your industry with your members 
  • Networking – Meet-and-greets and/or networking hours 
  • Resume Review – Provides an extremely valuable service to members 
  • Mentoring – Gives members the opportunity to learn from industry leaders 
  • Learning – Creates learning-focused opportunities for your members 
  • Membership – An event purely focused on your members 
  • All-in-One Event – Combine different themes that complement each other, such as Membership and Networking, Career Coaching and Resume Review 

Explore successful career events hosted by YM Careers and discover how we can help you revitalize your membership offerings.  

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