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Five Benefits Your Association Members Want in 2021

As we head into 2021, association leaders are looking for ways to continue to engage, support, and grow membership. The effectiveness of your growth strategy relies on your organization’s willingness to embrace and implement data-proven solutions to maximize member value, which in turn gives your association membership dues year after year. Add these five member benefits into your 2021 growth strategy.

1. Members-first Job Board

The advantages of an industry and field-specific job board are easy to understand but if you have it locked down from non-members, you are also losing a significant source of new leads. Limited non-member access is a great alternative, allowing potential members to see the great benefits your association job board offers. Using information from non-member job seekers helps you build marketing lists which you can then turn to when kicking off membership campaigns.

Find three ways to prioritize your members on your job board.

2. Online Learning and Certification Courses

Deliver interactive and impactful webinars, webcasts, and on-demand courses as part of a comprehensive continuing education program. Members furloughed or looking to grow their professional portfolio put great value in the latest credentialing and certifications through online education. Work with your internal teams to design and deliver the training your members want to see using technology like Learning Management Systems, virtual career fairs, and events.

3. Mentorship Board

Member retention is complicated because member needs change as they advance through different phases of their careers. Luckily, there is one member benefit that meets the needs of two-member segments: a mentorship board. Early careerists value job opportunities and professional connections when they start their career journey, and late careerists prioritize the industry code of ethics and helping new professionals advance the profession.

Map out your association’s member retention policy from the moment they join.

4. Virtual Networking Events

Many members join professional organizations to stay knowledgeable about industry news and connect with peers. As in-person events seem to be on hold or limited into early 2021, it’s important to meet that member need in a virtual way. Virtual events, done right, can be as engaging and valuable to members than in-person events, and sometimes even more!

Get an inside look at the Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual events from lessons learned in 2020.

5. Volunteer Programs

Motivate members to join and stay at your organization by offering volunteer opportunities for individuals interested in making a positive impact. For those who want experience to boost their resumes, offer the chance to learn new skills and practical knowledge through experiences that will keep them engaged with your association.

Whatever your growth strategy is for 2021, clearly communicate the value of your member benefits for the highest retention and recruiting impact. Existing members will easily understand the value they are receiving for their monthly or annual dues payments. And potential members will be able to effortlessly envision how many professional goals they can accomplish by becoming a member.

Want to learn more about turning your job board into the ultimate career destination for your members? Check-out Career Planning Portal, available only in YM Careers job boards.

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