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Driving Diversity with Career Events: Supporting Equality in the Workplace

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are all becoming powerful movements that, simply, can no longer be ignored. With our Nation and ultimately the world being pushed to address these issues, it is likely something your association has been facing as well. Perhaps you put out a statement, or celebrated Juneteenth as a community. Making a statement advocating for these rights is certainly a start but making an impact on equality is less out of reach than you may think.

One of the best ways your association can support the diverse community is opening doors for opportunities of career advancement. Career Fairs allow for connections to be made between leading industry employers and talented diverse candidates.

How to run a Career Event focused on diversity.

1. Branding Your Event

Ensure your event title and branding are promoting the event as a diversity-driven event. Use images that are inclusive and messaging that supports your mission to aid your diverse members. You want to this audience to feel supported and encouraged to attend.

2. Partner Up

Consider partnering with an organization that also supports diversity. This could be a charity, educational system, or fellow association. Show your members that you are committed and willing to support them together, alongside other like-minded organizations.

Bonus: Offer to donate a portion of the events profits to a charitable organization

3. Invite a Thought Leader

Bring enriching content to your event by inviting a thought leader. This person should have a powerful story or experience to share with your audience. Have your thought leader at their own booth, give a presentation, or simply provide a powerful speech.

4. Market Company Initiatives

Make sure your members know the participating employers have a strong diversity initiative. Send out an email before the event showcasing the employers and highlighting each companies’ inclusion objective.

5. Message from your CEO

Place a welcome message as the kickoff to your event. We recommend a pre-recorded video unique for this audience and event. Show you members that this event is important to all levels of your association. Seeing that the CEO can take time to send them a personalized message will go a long way.

At YM Careers, we host our own diversity career center geared towards students and early career professionals, The College Diversity Network. This February we hosted our first Virtual Career Fair for this audience, and it was a huge success. Connecting over 400 diverse students with 20 of the Nation’s top companies looking for interns and professionals.

“Being part of the College Diversity Network Virtual Career Fair was an extremely rewarding experience. I saw many diverse candidates and students make connections they would not have made otherwise. Supporting diversity initiatives and connecting talent is a strong passion of mine, and these events have been critical to developing more connections.”

- Fields Jackson, Jr.
Founder & CEO, Racing Toward Diversity Magazine

Now is the time to truly make an impact and difference in the lives of many. Be an advocate for change, and a provider of these valuable connections and opportunities.

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