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Business Intel you should get from your career center

Your online career center has great potential to help you attract new members, engage with current members, and drive revenue. So, how do you get more of this goodness for your organization?

To continue to improve and grow your career center, you need deep knowledge of job board sales, performance, and user behavior. And for deep insights, you need reporting and analytics capabilities that are easy-to-use, yet packed with business intelligence.

YM Careers provides metrics in multiple formats that give you a high-level view of your job board health as well as drill-downs at the individual user level to understand their activities. The data is available in three areas of the YM Careers administrative module:

  • Stats – This section breaks down a variety of statistics, including job views, job seeker registrations, résumé postings, job alerts created and sent, resume views, employer registrations, job postings, number of sales by product, and revenue by product. You can pull stats for any specified time period.
  • Reports – Each month, YM Careers provides reports that include details of job seekers and employers who have performed specific activities in your online career center during that month. These monthly reports include:
    • Job seekers
      • Job seekers who have posted a résumé
      • Job seekers who created an account
      • All registered job seekers
      • All members who created an account
      • Job alerts created
    • Employers
      • New registrations by member and non-member
      • Employers who did not post a job on the site
      • Employers who have placed an order
      • Employers who have posted a job
      • New jobs posted
  • Users/Orders – Within this section, you can drill down to an individual level to pull information about activities for specific types of users, including users with subscriptions, users with discounts, and coupon redeemers as well as users with open invoices, overdue invoices, expiring subscriptions, cancelled orders, refunded orders, and expiring jobs.
    These reports can be pulled for specified time periods. YM Careers also sends a monthly report that provides a simplified view of your job board’s activity. This is essentially a snapshot of monthly information.

For an easy way to see and understand the performance of your job board with key data points and analysis displayed in a single location, YM Careers also includes a robust “Insights” dashboard. When you need specific metrics that aren’t provided in a standard report, the YM Careers team can provide custom reports.

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These are just some of the ways YM Careers helps ensure you get the most out of your online career center. To see YM Careers in action, watch this overview video or request a personalized demo.

Want more ideas on how to improve your online career center? Read the paper, 101 Ways to Grow Your Career Center.

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