4 Ways to Reward your Top Virtual Career Fair Sponsors

With the current state of our nation we are all beginning to adjust to a new normal.

This new normal includes many events pivoting from in-person to a virtual format.  With changes come challenges, but changes also open doors for new and creative ways to adapt your offerings.

How to reward your sponsors at a virtual career fair.

1. Branding, Branding, Branding

Exposure is a great benefit to many companies.  Carrying their branding throughout your virtual event allows them to be in the forefront of your attendee’s experience.  An added bonus, since the exposure is digital, they can now redirect attendees right where they want them to go.  Banners, logos, and messaging can all be linked back to their website or social media channels.  With the number of people online at an all-time high, there is no better time to get in front of your audience in a digital format.

2. Let them sponsor a networking room

Networking and socializing are something job seekers value and look forward to when they attend your event.  Most virtual platforms offer the capability for your attendees to network online.  There are several ways you can brand the networking – title the room “(Topic A) Networking Lounge brought to you by (company name)”, brand the room with their colors and logos, and consider having an intro speech or pre-recorded video from the company inside the room.

3. Have them sponsor a presentation

Live streaming brings an in person feel to your virtual career fair.  Consider giving your sponsors the opportunity to present live to your audience.  They could choose an array of topics, but we recommend focusing them on career related topics or company focused.  Let them give your job seekers insight into what its like to work for a fortune 500 company, what their benefits and culture are like, or best practices for their first interview.

4. Giveaways & Gamification

Giveaways and gamification are a great way to drive traffic and overall event attendance.  There are several ways you can set this up in a virtual format but consider driving traffic to the sponsor.  Create a series of steps the attendees need to complete to be entered in the drawing.  If the sponsor is providing the giveaway, they can also brand the delivery.  Since most gift cards can be send by email, let the sponsor place a short message in the email and remind your winner of the value they have.

Learning how to transform an in-person career event to a virtual one can be overwhelming, but the great news is you are not alone!  Support comes in many shapes and sizes, from your fellow staff, to your partnering companies, we are all working together to create memorable and valuable events.  Everyone is navigating as an innovator and your sponsors and members will welcome the opportunities you can provide.

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