13 Ways to Monetize Your Upcoming Virtual Events

Are  you aware member dues make up only 30% of total revenue for many member-  organizations? The top non-dues revenue drivers for associations are events, sponsorships, and exhibitors. As in-person events take a back seat to their virtual alternatives, associations are left figuring out how to recoup lost revenue.

Haven’t lined up a virtual event yet? Find out how to upgrade your member experience with a Virtual Career Fair.

Rest assured, if you are planning a virtual event or career fair, there are sponsorship options available in the digital landscape. Well executed sponsorship programs can provide immense value, with high ROI for your sponsors.

Let’s review the virtual alternatives to the traditional onsite sponsorship.

1. Branded Spaces

Personalized space for sponsors in the virtual lobby, networking lounges, webcast auditorium, or sponsor halls mirrors what attendees would see at an onsite event.

2. Sessions

Ask sponsors to moderate a prerecorded or live streamed session or show a brief video before a session.

3. Sponsor a Lounge

Offer sponsors the option to host a lounge with some entertainment or activity. For example, your sponsors could use the lounge to host live music that attendees could stream.

4. Digital Event Bag

Turn the swag bag attendees receive at an in-person event into a Digital Event Bag. Use this to curate all your sponsorship content and important event info into one place. You can even offer your sponsors access to the data to see who clicked on their materials, showing them the ROI.

5. Gamification

Create a virtual game with your sponsors that all your attendees can be a part of to encourage engagement. An example is having a virtual trivia night and entice them to attend with our next tip!

6. Raffles/Drawings

Use sponsored raffles/drawings that are built-in to your virtual event schedule to drive engagement and keep attendees active.

7. Guest Blog Posts

Consider offering sponsors the chance to provide a guest blog post that you can share on your registration website. This post can introduce potential attendees to your sponsors.

For more, read our recent blog on 4 Ways to Reward your Top Virtual Career Fair Sponsors.

8. Email communications

Include your sponsor’s logos in email communications for your event.

9. Social Media

Give your sponsors shout-outs on your social media posts to members know they will be a part of your event. Your followers may see it and decide to register for your event.

10. Event Registration Page

Use banners on your registration page as a sponsorship opportunity to help them gain exposure.

11. Digital Program Guides

Have digital program guides in the attendees’ virtual welcome bags and have a special thank you section for your sponsors or offer them ad space in the guide as part of their sponsorship package.

12. Digital Gift Cards

Email out a gift card provided by your sponsors to let attendees know they are a part of your event and engage with them directly. An example is a simple $5 gift card code to get coffee for those early morning virtual sessions.

13. Matchmaking & Appointment Scheduling

Use attendee registration data and profile data so sponsors/vendors can research who is interested in their products/services and connect with them.

Take the next steps.

These are just a few of the ways to incorporate sponsorship opportunities in your upcoming virtual event, the real-life applications are endless. For additional revenue generating ideas read our recent blog 3 Ways to Increase Your Association’s Job Posting Revenue.

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